In 1950, Mehmet İmamoğlu and his children’s Alican and Osman İmamoğlu moved to the center of Trabzon and started wooden and timber decoration business.
In 1970 Hasan and Alican İmamoğlu partnership, construction materials infrastructure company created.
In 1980, Ali İmamoğlu and Murat Ahmet İmamoğlu as a second generation of managers joined the company and helped in establishment of new constructions in a very different points.
In 1989 in parallel with the constructions activities in Yalova and Istanbul İmamoğlu Construction decided to move the headquarter of the company to Istanbul.
At 1995 the work of branches scattered across the country continues and the company center which has become in Istanbul.
In 1996, İmamoğlu entered food services sector and continued its way by creating new subsidiaries, especially İmamoğlu 1 and İmamoğlu 2 complexs were built in Beylikdüzü and Zigana Houses, thus by contributing to the development of the area began to be talked about in the region.
In 2002 the company by joining with the Faculty of Architecture at Beykent University started creating Beykonak project.
In 2006, Moodcity's foundations were laid, which is later on become a part of the famous Gurpinar brand projects.
In 2008 one of the most successful examples of home and office concepts Midpoint Beykent project began to rise.
In 2010 İmamoğlu Construction start to show its innovative face by implementing the first Loft project Zigana Panora 365 in Büyükçekmece.