All over the world and in Turkey investment and development companies has experienced a lot get to these days. In this context, the development of the company possible to simulate the human's life. Just as certain movements and constantly changing living conditions throughout the entire process is effective of the person's life from birth untile deth, depending on a company in the development and changes in the social structure which has a similar obligation to pass along the life cycle curve. Changes occurred in the diversity and differences that can be considered normal for Turkey, the cultural structure of the company is based on the same factors. Thus companies supplying by unique and rich cultural resources of Anatolia its commercial life is tied directly to this culture.
During the process of establishment of the Republic of Turkey Anatolia people gives a great human losses and in this period people were dealing with agriculture, thus the successful business development that peopel of Anatolia obtained must be accpeted as a legend. As a part of this small legend İmamoğlu Construction continues confidently on the same road of people of Anatolia.
Years ago, our journey began in a small wooden shop, today considering Turkey's modern face the company continues to reflect the size and nature of Turkey by our modern project make us live in eternal happiness.
Hasan İmamoğlu
Head of the İmamoğlu Construction Board